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    So, here I am… A Dutch seventeen-year-old girl doing her best applying her English learning skills. Finally writing something on the forum, because now I simply know what to write. I’m introducing myself as a…

    “I’m A Hot Needle & Thread Mess”

    As you might know (LM Facebook page), I like design and sewing clothes. It all begun by the age of 12 when I started taking lessons from my aunt, making my first leather skater skirt. Therefore I didn’t know there was something like a ‘fashion designer’ (I already assumed becoming an hairdresser, something almost all girls from our village were dreaming off). A couple years later I decided to contact a local sewing teacher and there I developed my sewing skills. After a year she saw my passion for fashion and designing, so she recommended me to take a course called “Costumiere”, that’s what I do right now. There I learn drawing my own patterns, so I can make my really own clothes. I label them with my own name and for now I’m just making clothes for my friends and family. I love applying handwork to my designs, that’s why I choose ‘Needle & Thread’ instead of ‘Sewing’. Now I’m in my last year of Higher Secondary General Education, in fact I hear this Thursday (June 16) if I passed my exams! If so, I’m taking a gap year so I can work on my portfolio and start a Bachelor at Fashion Design. I’m so excited!!!!!

    This whole Mr.Kate thing has helped me so much in my creative process the past years, so a huge THANK YOU to you all. And especially Kate and her team, with all their creative ideas. I finished AHGGM last Summer in an eye wink, I was so happy I was able to preorder my book through my local bookstore! And I wish they could order some jewelry and BeautyMarks as well, but unfortunately that’s not an option haha. Because in Europe we have the euro, I can’t order online by myself, but I’m already so happy that I have AHGGM and can communicate through social media and can read/see everything on the Mr.Kate blog/youtube channel!

    Best wishes,

    Marisca Goosen

    PS: I feel like I have written a whole story ;P