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    I’m a Hot Glue Gun Mess, actually. 😁

    I’m a crafty person. I make everything I can. For my nephew’s first birthday we went all out with a patriotic theme. We were making paper folded prize ribbons until all hours of the morning. I am always the glue gun girl. I was the last to assemble them. I hadn’t noticed that the glue was oozing out of the glue gun. When I was putting one together the pieces came apart and hot glue went every where including my hands. My boy friend of 3 months rushed me to the ER. The ER was concerned there was domestic abuse going on. Apparently hot glue gun injuries at 2am are rare. I had 3rd degree burns and had to take a week off work and crafting. I looked like a mummy.  Now my family won’t let me use a glue gun.