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Tiphaine M.

    I’m a hot french cat mess.

    I know that might sound weird but that’s the truth. So the “french” is obviously because I am french and so proud. I love France, I think that’s a lovely country. Paris is such a beautiful city, and I wish I could visit it even more. So yeah I do love my country so much.

    Second of all, cat. Oh my god, cats. Cats are litteraly my passion. It started really early, I don’t remember my house without a cat because I always owned one. My first cat was with me for 20 years, this is insane ! I’m really crazy about them. They are just the cutest things on this planet. They keep you warm in the winter, they make you smile when you’re feeling down, they welcome you each time you come home, they make you laugh when they play with you. I could talk about them for hours, I could find lots and lots of benefits about having a cat, but I’m gonna stop here, because well, I don’t want that to be too long.

    And before I actually post this message, I wanted to leave a little something for you Kate. You are such an amazing personn. I love your videos, your projects, your smile, your happiness, your simplicity, … You inspire me to create and you inspire many others and I think that’s such a beautiful thing. Thank you for this amazing giveaway, love you xoxo