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Thaline Briers

    I’m a cat hair-covered mess!!

    Yup, does it need any explanation? If you have cats, you know the problem.

    Ever looked at a cat and thought ‘wow, they have such beautiful and soft fur.’? I did! But where does these hairs go when they fall out. Well, they go on your clothes, your shoes, your schoolbooks, your phone, your laptop, your mouth (yup…) literally everywhere.

    I can’t wear any black/dark or fancy clothes inside the house without getting cat hairs on in. First of all, I have to postpone my getting-ready to the last minute, then when I am ready, I do a last check-up in front of a mirror and what do I see… I’ve turned into a cat, covered in cat hair. I’m like some sort of magnet to it.
    I’ve got a pair of black velvet boots. I learned that I can’t let my cats near any velvet fabric, if I do, my boots turn into those furry ‘moonboots’.
    How many times I opened a schoolbook in class and discovered cat hairs in it? I lost count. It’s like they do it on purpose, maybe it’s a way of telling me to not forget about them when I’m in school.
    Also inside my phonecase, a little furry bed for my phone, and the keyboard of my laptop has really soft keys because of them.

    But I love my cats and I don’t mind getting covered. I’m more than happy if they sleep in my lap or give me a hairy head-bump.

    So basically I will always have at least one cat hair on me. But hey, cat hairs are the new black.