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Brittany Hodnett

    I’m a hot DIY mess!

    So I have closet/storage where unfinished DIYs go to die. I am notorious for not finishing them. But I do have some I did finish at least lol. So one time my boyfriend told me to clean out the closet (I can’t throw them away I mean what if I do end up finishing them?) but instead I decided to organize it. Well long story short the closet decided to dump everything on me and my boyfriend had to dig me out lol. All that happened to me was a bruised ego. Now I don’t start a project unless I know I can finish it.

    Also one time I was making a banner with ribbons and streamers. Somehow I ended up hot glueing  a wide white ribbon to my shoe without me knowing about it. After I was finished I ran errands. Two hours later I meet up with the boyfriend and he tells me about my ribbon. It looked like I had toilet paper on my show. So embarrassing lol.