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Nousheen Sherazi

    Ok! This is not related to fashion, even though I live for it!

    But here goes,

    I’m a HOT Mess!

    Reason being, a lot of people love the summer heat, but I don’t happen to be one of em. I was born and bought up in Dubai, and the heat here is insane! When I see my friends posting pictures of rain or grey skies, I actually get sad about it. I mean I know a lot of people might read this and think that it’s a lame answer but I don’t know this is what I’m feeling right now. I’ve always felt like moving away from here, because I always see myself living in some place cold and grey, which to some people maybe depressing but for me, it’s happiness! I love the color grey and I end up wearing grey hoodies under grey skies – that’s when I’m a happy & happening MESS (which is usually when I visit my home town )

    I actually wish my answer was a bit more creative haha, but ah well! 🙂

    Have a lovely day guys!