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Dana Snyder

    I’m a Hot Creative Mess!

    Creativity practically runs through my veins and I wouldn’t wish it any other way! When I was younger I went through ink, crayons, markers and reams of paper like a monster. My twin sister and I were mongrels consuming art supplies like hungry beasts or as my older sister called us “snow monsters.” We were always drawing, coloring and imagining our lives later on. When we were younger we would practically live at the art college where my father works, being handfuls while soaking in the possibilities in life for creativity and expression. As we have grown up, creativity is forever a part of our daily lives, even though we live in what we consider the seemingly grey Midwest, we learned to add a splash of color to everything we do, whether that is style, visual art, etc. we enjoy basking in the glow of creativity and its wonders. My sister showed me Mr.Kate just this past year and she had been following you for a while now. I have become so absolutely inspired, liberated, and happy being able to find others who enjoy finding the special quirks inside them and sharing with others their own creativity. My friends, my sister and I have even started our own blog  ( This community is amazing, so I guess we are all pretty much Hot Creative Messes and I think thats an awesome thing!

    (we are always monkeying around!)