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lauren deer

    Hi, Kate! Thank you so much for the advice. I don’t know if its often people reply to your replies but I only think it would be polite to show you how you have helped me!


    I did a DIY collage painting on top of this old one that clashed with everything. I based it around a new duvet cover that I have ordered and is being shipped (something like in picture #2).


    I am doing a room cleanout, basically. Rearranging my closet, going through clothes and placing them, shoes for the season, etc etc. I am kind of going for a minimalist/jungalow thing seeing as I like both of the styles. I am planning on going thrift-store shopping/yard sale/whatever to get some new, fun rugs (for very low $$ as I don’t have much aha). And, I am planning on getting some live plants. Currently though, I have some fake succulents to tide me over until.


    Thank you so much for the help and pictures! I promise to provide just as many when the room is in its desired shape 🙂