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Wow the wood looks wonderful!!! Even with this touch of sunlight!!!!

Okay, I think you have so many possibilities! For your furniture I would look for very dark brown coloured or bright (white) pieces (or mixed ?!? ^^), but not too wooden so it does not compete with your floor.

For the colours… if you add a Colour wheel to your floor you will see that mostly every colour can go with it. So it depends on your favorite colour 🙂 Because the honey colour gives your room a warm feeling I would take a “cool” colour from the palette for your walls! Like some blue (pastell), violet-blue, blue-green, grey, mint … You don´t have to paint all the walls just in that colour you could also work with patterns!

The cozyness of a bedroom will be reached by adding the accessoires, like pillows, carpets, blankets, baskets and plants 😉

blue version for inspo ^^

violett version for inspo ^^

mint version for inspo ^^

Hope this is helpful – wishing you fun and power for redecorating your room!