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Alyssa Woodard

    Hey Kate!

    Im super flattered that you like my space! I wanted to happily report that I changed up my chandelier this week using a little hot glue, some jewelry making skills, and help from your channel!

    First of all- you were right. The chanelier used to hold this ugly flying saucer piece that I HATED, which says a lot because I love space! (Seriously! I have an 11 foot gallery wall chalk full of Star Wars art!!) we decided to take it off because surprisingly, it looked better without. It was still an eye sore though!!!

    The whole process cost about 15 dollars! First, we took a trip to Hobby Lobby and bought 3 yards of black rope. I got glued it to the pole, which worked out so well, because the rope had a fabric edge to it, meaning I only had to add a few dots of glue to the actual pole, and glued the rest of the rope to that fabric edge! It ended up being the perfect amount of rope with none left over!

    Then I took an old IKEA lamp shade, but obviously it couldn’t go through the three bulbs of the chandelier- so that’s were your DIY videos helped! I remembered your DIY dream catcher video you made and ended up tying twine I had laying around to the prongs of the lampshade in the style of a dream catcher. I then secured it with a metal wire.

    That alone made it look SO much better, but I wanted to add gold elements and I wanted to give those three nubs up top SOME sort of function, so I added my own DIY chandelier dangles! My mom taught me how to make jewelry a long time ago, so I was up for the task.

    Before making the dangles,I covered the base with gold washy tape. It’s this really pretty floral design and part of it is clear so the silver pokes out a little, so yes! I was able to embrace the juxtaposition a little! I then took jump rings ($3), Moroccan style beads ($2), spiritual themed pendants (99¢) and two necklaces with a ton of tassels from the dollar store and made the dangles! My boyfriend had no idea what it would look like but kept saying “I trust you” and he loves it!

    Thank you so much for your advice and ideas! I’m so glad I was able to personalize my apartment without damaging the existing chandelier. the best part of this adventure, however, is when my boyfriend and I took a trip to Hobby Lobby. As we wandered throughout the store I told him ways of how I wanted to personalize the apartment more to which he said these magical words: “Now you’ve got my excited about cabinet knobs!” Is he not a dream boat?! On to the next project, I guess!


    Also, quick question! Where in LA can a girl find cute decorations at Thrift shops? I’m always so amazed at your thrift store finds!