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Angelina Daniels

    Hi Mr.Kate! Thanks for answering my question. However sorry for not replying right away. This links above are of my bedroom. Please ignore the mess because I’ve only moved all my furniture around two days ago and I’ve had volleyball everyday since that. What I originally wanted to do was replace the blonde wardrobe with a stick closet. Like this ‘‘. I also wanted to replace the black dresser with a shorter brown one with 3 drawers. The problem with that is I have a ton of clothes. Any cheap ideas to fix that would be amazing. I also wanted to change my bedding to this ‘‘ gray comforter with a bunch of throw pillows. I also wanted to incorporate a theme of boho or Aztec-y designs but my artwork I have seems to take away from that.  Any solutions? Thank you for bothering to read this (and perhaps answering all nine thousand of my questions)  and well happy early holidays.