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Mr. Kate

    Hey Phoebe!

    Sounds like you already have a lot planned out, which is awesome! Bohemian design is easy to accomplish by shopping at flea markets and thrift stores, which is so much fun because you get to go on pretty much a treasure hunt! Collect some frames in different sizes and colors and do a collage wall with blown up photos (kind of like in this Gallery Wall post: or DIY abstract art (like this adult fingerpainting!: A collage of frames will add some design complexity.

    If you have the room, I would say to add that comfy chair and table or side table. Look at thrift stores and get anything you like, doesn’t have to be a specific style as long as it will physically fit in the space. Bring in some other colors and personality by finding a cute throw pillow for the chair. If you do a collage wall on one wall, then hang a big round mirror on the other wall, this will create a nice balance so there isn’t too much competition between walls!

    I hope this helps!