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Lindsey Chapman

    Halloween is my JAM!! These are my costumes from last year… I have three because I had three Halloween events to attend and I OBVIOUSLY wasn’t going to rehear a costume…

    the one below is my take on Cruella DeVil. I had so much fun with this. I found that awesome vest at a consignment shop which was AMAZING because I knew I wanted to be Cruella but had no clue where to go for a vest. Then, if fate would have it, that glorious black and white fur vest just landed in front of me on the sale rack of a consignment shop… YAY! Such a fun costume, and not too hard to DIY!

    Cruella DeVil

    This one was the classic Pinterest deer costume, but I did my own little twist by making my antlers. I made them out of construction paper and hot glue. I made the shape of them with the hot glue to add dimension, then I covered them with construction paper. To add a little bit of GLAM I put some gold wire around the antlers… just for fun-zies!! (yes, fun-zies). I also made the ears out of construction paper. I glued everything onto a plain black headband then covered the headband with sparkly gold tulle to for more **fun-zies.**Deer

    GUYS THIS COSTUME WAS SERIOUSLY SO FUN TO WEAR!! I was Darla from Finding Nemo… And words can’t explain the amount of times I said, “Why are you sleeping?!!?!?!” that night… And to top it all off, I wore this baby to a frat party (which, as you can imagine, was SUPER out of place because all the other girls were in bras and angle wings, which made it that much funnier)… I DIY’d the headpiece with tinfoil, I made “nemo” out of tinfoil shaped into a fish-like shape, and then covered it in orange reignstones (again, fun-zies), and then put him in a bag filled with water. I also DIY’d my shirt. It was just a plane purple top that I painted the “Rock n’ Roll Girl” logo on that Darla has in the movie. It was honestly such a fun costume to wear!

    Darla from Finding Nemo