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Danica Younghusbanf

    I love Halloween but HATE scary or thriller films. I just… Can’t.


    That said I love Tim Burton’s films a lot, so maybe scary stuff is just too much for me.


    One year I went as Catwoman because the Arkham Asylum game was released that year and I LOVE Batman. Here’s an image with me as Catwoman and my friend dressed as the Riddler. I just used clip on cat ears, swimming goggles, wore a faux leather jacket, a pair of faux leather leggings and faux leather boots:

    I once went as a Sugar Skull. I painted my face white and wore a red corset that I bought when I visited family in South Africa… Which you can’t see in this photo:

    I once went as Daenerys Targaryen. This was easy, I just used what I already had (super blonde hair, a long blue dress) and then bought a dragon puppet :’) Excuse the dark circles, I was very tired this year haha:

    I once went as Hit Girl. I actually forgot to get a picture of my whole outfit for this. Here’s a blurry and drunk photo of me and my boyfriend. All I did was dye my hair purple:

    And last year I went as a Dark Unicorn. Recognise the beauty marks? I made the unicorn horn myself out of Sculpey Clay, and the crown was made of an aliceband, false flowers and hot glue:


    Unfortunately I think I’m working this Halloween, my best friend in the image above will be at Disney World :'( and my other best friends are also either not in the country or at other parties.