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Mr. Kate

    Hey McKenzie!!

    So there are two things I think you could do with this chalkboard. But it depends on if you need it for practical reasons or not.

    If you do, I would keep it as is in the room and only use chalk colors (maybe chalk pens?) like white and pink. Maybe gold?!! I mean … #whynot?

    If you don’t need to use this as a chalkboard, it would be really cool to mount another framed painting in the center of it, having the chalkboard acting as a second mat and frame! What’s more, it would be a *writable* mat!! So cool! You could write a poem or little notes or designs around the image. For the picture itself, I would go to a thrift store or find a cool vintage painting of roses or something else feminine to match the style of your space.

    I hope this helps! Excited to see what you do with it!