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    I have sooo many favorite Mr. Kate moments from 2016!  How to pick just one?! SO HARD! From the OMGWACO episodes, my favorite has to be Shameless Maya’s living space.  The way y’all painted the wall is to die for and so dreamy! From the DIY videos, I loved the embellished sweater and the tufted bench video.  From the office goals videos, I laugh so hard at all of them, but I’m most fond of the  most recent Christmas episode.  The way your team works so well together and love each other is the best and y’all are are so funny together and ya gotta love Joey being Santa Claus! 😂  My favorite video from the OMGWBAH series is the unveiling of the master bath.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!!! Of course I love the kitchen one too, but I’m jealous of your beautiful shower!  Another favorite moment was the first (I think it was?) live video stream with Kate.  It’s so cool how y’all really make us feel like part of your lives.  I feel like I truly know you guys and love and care for you like you’re some of my closest friends.  OH! Also, I LOVE the videos where Kate shops for all the room makeovers.  Please keep making those!!! 💗

    Merry Christmas and happy new year to all of you creative weirdos! I cannot wait to see what Mr. Kate has in store for 2017!!!