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Mr. Kate

    Hi Kati!

    Thanks for posting! I completely understand this feeling, a whole new house can be a lot to plan for!

    If you haven’t already, I would start by collecting inspiration for each room and for your interior design style as a whole. Make a Pinterest board for each room, and one for the whole home. There, you can start to collect images you like and that inspire you, and soon you’ll start to see the direction for each space taking shape.

    When it comes to moving into the house and manifesting those ideas, I would say to focus on necessity. It’s a process and none of the rooms need to look polished and complete right away! Start with the pieces you’ll need to go about your daily life — the bed, the sofa, the kitchen table, for example — and make the rooms functional first! Then, you can start filling in with paint and the furniture and accents that will make your home reflect your style and become a total happy place!

    I hope this helps! If you haven’t already, watching OMG We Bought A House might be helpful because it follows Joey and I through the same process of moving into and decorating a new home!