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Mr. Kate

    Hey Georgia!

    Thanks for posting! Wall decorating in rentals is always tricky. I really like that you’re inspired by plants … have you considered wall planters with (either faux or real … though faux will be lighter) hanging plants in them? Unlike a shelf, which would definitely require drilling, wall planters could be fastened to the wall with Command products or something similar. I think the cascade of vines down the wall could bring such a vibrant, lived-in feeling to your space!

    As for your awesome collection of art, it’s definitely worth getting some frames for them! Unless you’re going for a very minimalist look (which usually only utilizes one piece of art or two) with some washi tape or a photo clip, framing your wall art gives it a more finalized appearance. I have a video about gallery walls that you could use to get inspiration for layout! If you’re still not sold on the framing idea, some photo clips could be cool!

    Hope this helps! Best of luck!


    Mr. Kate & Team