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    selly rodriguez

    Hey Kate!!!! How are you! So I recently bought this sofa & it turned out to be wayy smaller than I thought. Wouldn’t want to return it because it’s cute and it took forever to get here. Any ideas on what I can do to make it Fit in my living room? What should I add? I’m going for copper & gray color scheme for my living room. It’s very hard with this ugly carpet that I have since it’s an apartment I can’t do much so please give me ideas on how I can make it modern chic and retro at the same time. The tv will be mounted on the wall in the middle but I’m struggling and don’t know how to decor my first apt!! I’ve been here for a month now.


    thelma taylor

    Hi selly, the sofa looks really cute. The room also looks spacious enough so that you can work on different ideas to make it look modern and retro. You can go for an area rug which matches with your theme. Use it to separate the seating area. There are a variety of decor lamps available and you can choose one which suits your area. You can check this article for further ideas [ http://www.surplusfurniture.com/blog/home-living-area-accessories/ ]. Hope this helps you. Thanks.


    Mr. Kate

    Hey Selly!

    Thanks for posting! Even though your sofa seems extra teeny tiny right now, once you start filling the room in more, it will definitely come into its own.

    I would start by getting a big area rug. A shag rug could add some coziness and upscale cute to the carpeted floors, and ones like this moroccan print rug are great because they go with almost anything (and would look especially nice with those copper accents.)

    With so much open space, a coffee table is key to creating a nice conversation area. I would look for a round coffee table, which can take up some space without dwarfing the sofa you have established. Accent chairs could also be a nice completion to that little lounge area, in time!

    Then, I think once you start adding more things like pillows, throw blankets, and wall art (plants, too!), your room will be looking great in no time and no one will ever stop to think about the size of your couch!

    Hope this helps! Have fun decorating!


    Mr. Kate and Team

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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