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    Melody Ramos

    Hi Mr. Kate!

    My husband and I moved into a new apartment and want to furnish it so that it actually looks like an “adult” apartment, verses a “poor college student” apartment that we previously had. We have a sofa and our coffee table will be delivered in a few weeks. We are struggling on finding an area rug that will go with our sofa. Through online shopping, we’ve gravitated more towards a rug that has blue hues (with some gray) to compliment the colors of the sofa pillows, but are struggling with imagining if the rug will look good with the sofa and in our space. We are trying to go contemporary, but have been stuck. Can you please give us some suggestions and direction? It’s much appreciated!!


    Our sectional sofa

    Here is a picture of our sofa. Please excuse the tape on the floor =P


    Coffee Table Color


    Thanks in advance for any help you can give!! Love your work!


    Mr. Kate

    Hey Melody!

    Thanks for posting!

    I would say to go for a large rug, so it will match the sofa in scale. I personally like wool rugs because they’re lush and really easy to clean! Since this will likely be a high-traffic area of your home, that is always a nice touch!

    If you’re drawn to blue tones, go blue! Then pull in the rug by placing some blue-toned pillows on the sofa! They don’t need to be the same blue to look super cute!

    Hope this helps! Have fun decorating!




    Katherine Vann

    Hey Melody,

    Your new apartment looks awesome. A rug near the sofa will look awesome. I found few cheap but good looking rugs online¬† . Check out whether you like them or not. Hope you’ll like it. Vito multi area rug may give a contemporary look as you wished.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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