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    Mumina Hannan

      Hi kate! Im pretty new to this but reaaalllyy hoping to get some help pleaasseeeee. My boyfriends 23 and is moving rooms and needs help decorating. The main issue is the build in wardrobe, he doesnt know what to do to it but he wants to definitely change the colour. He likes the colours black, blues, greys and whites. Ill attach a picture for some guidance. Im really depending on you. Pleassee help! #CreativeWeirdosUKThe build in wardrobe and bed


      Mr. Kate

        Hi Mumina!

        Thanks for posting!!

        I think that this room has a lot of potential!! The tones are all pretty warm right now, and you said your boyfriend likes cooler colors, so a good place to start would to be painting the cabinets and little nook above the bed with a fresh coat of white paint. Adding in new handles and hardware on the cabinets in a steel grey or silver could be a nice touch, too!

        Then, I would focus on adding some new bedding in a grey, blue, or black. The nook could be an awesome place to hang some pictures or art that he likes, to bring some personal touches into the space!

        Hope this helps! Have fun decorating!



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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