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    Kayla McCay

      Hey Mr. Kate!

      I’ve been binging your videos ever since I first discovered you and I just wanted to say you inspire my creativity so much! I’ve struggled with depression for most of my adult life and your videos truly, truly, truly brighten my days! Thank you for all you do!


      Enough gushing…’s time to get down to business. I desperately need help decorating my first apartment. It is very tiny, with the living area, dining area, and kitchen all in one room. Here’s a floor plan:¬†

      I’m struggling with how to create a different but cohesive look in the three¬†spaces. I wanted brighter colors in the kitchen and dining area, but I’m not sure how to mix that with the bohemian, found-object vibe I want in the living room. Here’s inspo pics:

      Living room


      I would love any advice you have to give!

      Thanks a bunch, Kayla


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Kayla!

        Thanks for reaching out, glad we could brighten your days! Great floor plan and¬†mood boards!! I’m so impressed!!

        I notice that all of your¬†inspiration photos have white walls, which can be a way to mesh the spaces ‚ÄĒ with all white walls, then bringing colored accents in through pillows, wall art, shelf¬†and table accessories in the¬†living¬†room and kitchen. Even though you think you’re working with two distinct different styles, they’re actually friendly! The clean and bright style complements¬†the more boho vibes. Try working some of the bright colors into the boho space in either accents or in lighter, more washed out tones to create a relationship between the two spaces!

        A good example is the living room of our lovely contributor, Natalie! She created a beautiful, eclectic bohemian space. I especially love her aqua chaise as an example of getting those colors into a boho room. Good luck let us know how it comes out!


        Mr. Kate & Team

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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