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      Hey, I really want to decorate my room BUUUUT I have no room. I have fitted cupboards covering one wall(but there is a small fitted desk on the side) and another fitted cupboard on the wall perpendicular. I also have a double bed, there is no room to move my bed as infront is one of the cupboards, behind is a window, to the left is a wall and to the right is room for the cupboards on that wall to open. The space on the right to my bed is roughly the size of a single bed. On the top of my desk there are small cupboards. I know this is a bad explaination but I will try to attach some pictures.the colour (im from the UK) pallet for my room is purple but I want to emphasize that a bit more however I dont want to go overboard I have a wall that has photoframes on and I sort of want to make a gallery wall but still leave room for the door of the enterance.  If you reply I will be so grateful. Also i dont want to spend to much and want to embrace the wood feel of my room 😀😀.



      Mr. Kate


        Thanks for posting!! It sounds like you have a lot of things already figured out for your room, which is great! I made a video about DIY Gallery Walls that focused a lot on placement and positioning, so maybe that could help you figure out where and how you’d like to hang your frames!

        As far as incorporating purple, but not making it overwhelming, I would advise playing with different shades of purple. Don’t just pick one tone and repeat that, but have a variety of purples from pastel to eggplant. Some pillows, a little bit of art, or even an area rug in purple tones are all nice ways to integrate the color without letting it take over.

        Hope this helps! Good luck decorating!


        Mr. Kate & Team

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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