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      Mr. Kate!!

      I would love to see you do a DIY project for makeup friendly lighting! I do my makeup at my desk which is in a dark little corner of my bedroom. 🙁 I have a table lamp to provide some light, but its definitely not enough. There are tons of YouTube tutorials for DIY vanity mirrors with lights around them, but no options for a more minimalist style! I have a makeup mirror that lights up, but lets face it, it never looks natural!

      What’s your advice to create a well-lit makeup station without creating a jumbo hollywood style makeup vanity?? I would also love your tips for those of us who have small spaces and use our desk areas as both makeup vanities and work spaces! Much love!! THANK YOUU! xoxo


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Laura!

        First things first, I would try putting a larger mirror on the wall above your desk, instead of just using a smaller tabletop mirror. This will help make it feel like an established vanity.

        As far as lighting goes, I suggest daylight bulbs. They cost about the same as ordinary lightbulbs and have the same color temperature as sunlight, as opposed to the yellowy cast of tungsten. If you just pop one of those into a lamp, you’ll know the lighting you’re working with will be the same as if you were outside in the sun! Super helpful when doing makeup.

        Those two easy changes should make a big difference for you! No Hollywood set up required!



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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