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    Eleanor Proctor

      First of all, I LOOVE your channel and blog. Your quirkiness and creativity is contagious!!! So. I just redid my room recently, and I love it, but everything is against a wall, so there is this big empty space in the middle of my room. I wanted to have a table there because I want a surface where I can put plants to utilize the AMAZING natural light. I would love multiple opinions on this. So the bottom line is I need something to put in the middle of the room, and I need a surface to put plants on. If anyone has creative ideas as to where else I can put plants in my bedroom I would really appreciate! Happy holidays everyone!


      Natalie W


        so one way to use the space in the middle of ur room is to put ur bed with head board is against the wall and the rest is detached from the walls (I explained that really badly but I hope u know what I mean). As for ur plants I don’t know how many you have, but an  idea could be to put two smal tables on either side bed and put the plants on those.

        hope this helps!




        Natalie W

          I’m sorry I explained that really badly and there are so many typos! Here is what I mean:


          Eleanor Proctor



            Mr. Kate

              Hey guys!!

              Natalie, I love all the advice you gave here! Such a pro!

              I am a big fan of Natalie’s idea of putting plants on your bedside tables to add greenery! Hanging plants are also a really nice option in a bedroom, which you can see Joey and I have in our bedroom!

              It sounds like if all of your furniture is against the wall, you can absolutely get away with putting something in the center of the room! A table is always a good option as long you don’t let it get too cluttered!

              Good luck with your room!



            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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