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      Hi Mr. Kate! I recently discovered you on youtube, and I have to say I looove your style!! Do you (or anyone else on here) have any tips for creating a brighter environment in a room with only one small window?? I hate doing my makeup in my room because there simply isn’t enough light! I use a lighted makeup mirror, but it’s not ideal and definitely not like natural light. I also only have one overhead light in the center of the room. Any tips on how to maximize natural looking light in a small room (particularly so that I can apply my makeup without looking like a clown!) are appreciated!! Thanks!


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Laura!!

        This is such a relatable issue! A lot of rooms have only one ceiling light and a window for light, but that leaves the room dim and not as bright and dazzling as we (and our beauty routines!) would like!

        I recommend lamps. Multiple. For your makeup station, get a desk lamp that doesn’t have a dark shade and doesn’t cast light down. This will help add another source of light for your makeup and will probably be brighter than your mirror! Another option is to hang sconces on either side of the makeup area (like we did on either side of Joslyn’s bed!) because that will give you more even light, but that is a bigger investment!

        Elsewhere in the room, I would add either a floor lamp or wall light. Think of the different heights of your light sources. You have the ceiling, the desk lamp, and the window, so try and find the space in between those that is missing and have their be your target height for another light source! It’s all about vertical layering!!

        I hope this helps!!



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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