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    Nihan Shaikh

      Hi Mr.Kate! My name is Nihan Shaikh.

      We just shifted into new apartment and I want your help to make it look all pretty.

      So as we enter you see the big bed which occupies the majority of space. But I don’t like the wall behind it, it’s all white and colourless. I love colours and I want my room to have hint of colours and not too much.

      As you can see in below pictures, both the sides of the bed their is one chest of drawers and other is just small coffee table. I need a working space or desk. Right now I am using the chest of drawers as my desk, I NEED SOMETHING BETTER.

      Opposite to my bed you will see there are 2 refrigerators which will eventually move into kitchen so I have that space. So please help me out how to arrange the wardrobe.

      So basically I need more colour in bedroom, clutter free and have great storage ideas, and must have desk idea. Please help me out to make it all pretty.

      Love you so much.

      Entrance view of bedroom

      Side of bed which have coffee table.


      Both refrigerators will go in kitchen

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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