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    Tatum Cruz

      Hi Mr. Kate!
      I’m in the process of making a big life change and moving from Seattle to LA! My new apartment has an interesting layout – it is kind of like a narrow rectangle. I’m wondering if you have some ideas for furniture arrangements & decor in a narrow space with not much room for a dining area. I’m just looking for a fresh start.
      Thanks so much for your help!


      Mr. Kate

        Hi Tatum!
        Welcome to the forums! And welcome to LA!
        Narrow spaces can be challenging but there is always a way to have a well designed space.
        I think the main trap people fall into when decorating or laying out a long narrow room is the “wall hugging disorder” or that’s what I call it. That’s when you let the shape of the room dictate your layout and you just line the walls instead of taking advantage of the center of the room. People also tend to mimic the shape of the room and bring in long narrow furniture like benches, etc. because they think it’s all that fits. When really, you want to bring in round and oval items to offset the rectangular shape.
        If you don’t have a dining room, I’d embrace your living area as a dining room and lounge space and get a large round coffee table to inhabit the center of the room in front of your couch. Then you can get some poufs, (I love these or these cotton ones: ) and have meals on your coffee table sitting on the poufs! That’s literally how Joey and I eat every dinner and we even have a dining table!

        Round coffee table with furniture around it: – but I think get something bigger than this so it feels more inviting for food.
        Or store the poufs under a rectangle coffee table
        Layout and I love the picture ledge! Ikea has a cheap one
        Good long narrow layout with coffee table and chairs in center to break up rectangle
        Add a table cloth and it’s a dinner party!

        Something I always tell people too is to remember that decorating is a 360 degree experience. So don’t forget about your walls and windows and even ceilings. Hanging a cool light fixture over your coffee table or hanging plants in the corner. The human eye is trained to scan its surroundings so give it stuff to look at!
        Hope that helps and best of luck with the move! We’d love to see pics of your space! Keep posting in this thread with photos or any more questions or comments.
        – mr. kate


        Tatum Cruz

          Thanks so much, looking forward to the challenge 😉


          Dannie Fountain

            oh man! Love this! Decorating smaller spaces is definitely fun, because you have to be way more creative! <3


            Brittany Smith

              I sold my house and am living back at home with my parents (womp womp…a not so fun heartbreak story that I will leave out!), and it is challenging to come up with ways to work my furniture into a much smaller space. These ideas are helpful!


              Stephanie Call

                I was super inspired by these ikea layouts. They seem an unlikely perfect solution to a narrow space.


                carlo barr

                  Just like living in tiny house, but anyway, if you have that little space, you can also use small furniture to work with it. Try these teak furniture set that are on sale at, these are perfect solution for your concern.


                  Jane Antony

                    Looks pretty good.


                    Gloria Morgan

                      Great idea!! It looks pretty and amazing.


                      Diana Welch

                        Why not try a minimalist design?

                        Try to play with lights to make your space look bigger and don’t be afraid to use a couple of big furnitures.

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