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    inge-lise parsons

      MONSIEUR KATE. hey <3 so, 1. you’re fantastic, but you know that. 2. i need ideas! my mom had pet peacocks as a kid (weird, i know. also i’m jealous.), and she saved a bunch of peacock feathers, but doesn’t want them anymore. they’re not in perfect shape – they’ve been around for a while – and she wants to throw them away, but i’d love to do something with them! any ideas for what to do with some peacock feathers? ways to display them or diys to incorporate them?


      Mr. Kate


        Thanks for posting! Vintage peacock feathers! Those sound so beautiful and unique!

        If you want to DIY with them, a project that comes to mind is the Minimalist Dreamcatcher I made. I originally made them with black feathers, but I think some peacock feathers mixed in, or a larger one with all peacock feathers could be so cool!

        As far as displaying them, I’ve seen beautiful feathers arranged in a vase like flowers before and it is very chic and timeless. Since these feathers mean a lot to you, take the time to search for a vase that fits them all and does them justice!!

        Hope this helps! Best of luck!


        Mr. Kate & Team

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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