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      Hi Kate,

      I am huge fan! I am fortunate enough to have my own lounge room in my basement, but my walls are very plain. I have a jade-ish accent wall across from my sectional and the rest of my walls are a lighter gray. Behind my couch, I have an odd bump out because of piping as well as a panel to access the pipes and I’m having some trouble getting around it and decorating. There’s also a small window above the couch. If anyone has tips, please share!


      Taylor Waddell

        Maybe do something like this with curtains to make the wall look uniform. Also, you could even put fairy lights behind them to brighten the space.


        Mr. Kate

          Hey Kaylee!

          The good news is that you have plenty of room! This wall has so much potential!

          The first thing I would do is take the flags down so you can assess the wall’s situation without distraction. Basements can feel a little cold or uninviting, especially if they feature small, up high windows like yours does.

          Easy fix, though! Hang a tapestry or macrame wall hanging to bring some cozy texture into the space. This gives the vibe you’d get from curtain panels but won’t call attention to the window. This is also a great opportunity to bring some art onto the walls! Check Etsy for cool tapestries or macrame, or do this DIY Woven Dreamcatcher, but with a larger hoop or with a square frame instead to take up more wall space!

          Hope this helps!



        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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