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    Andrea Snoek

      Hello beloved mr. Kate!

      Let me first explain my situation; I’m a university student in the Netherlands (love from across the globe) and it is common here to leave your parents at 18 and start living in the city of your university. We do not have a campus here, but its mostly houses which your share with sometimes 1 and sometimes up to 15 people. I’ve been very lucky and was able to get a hand on a room in a housing with 8. We share kitchen, living room and bathroom together. I moved up from a 9m2 room to a 21m2 room and I’m very thankfull for that. However, I’ve been struggeling with decorating the room to it’s full potential. The room has 2 flaws:

      1. It’s on the floor level on the north side of a building in an area with lots of trees. I only have 1 wall with a window, and there is almost no direct sunlight into the room.

      2. Opposite of the wall with the window is a wall with the most ugly sink in the world. I cant remove it, as my room is a rental. It faces into the room so whenever I look that way there is that horrible sink.

      The room is big, and i want to be able to sleep in my kingsized bed, have a little conversation area but also be able to have a large table to eat with friends or work on my creative projects! But none of these i would like to have next to that sink, as chill chatting with friends with a dripping tab next to your head is nothing but ideal. But putting a screen in front of the sink would not be great as i wouldn’t have any natural light left after that.

      I hope you could help me with the light and sink problem with some decorating tips! Included I have a floorplan of my room.

      Thank you so much and I love the work that you do!

      Love, Andrea

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