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    Melody Lee


      I’ve been watching a lot of your videos and have been excited about decorating my bedroom, but my parents and I got in a huge fight because they say the clean… I guess minimalistic style won’t look good in my room which isn’t as big and bright as most rooms people that go minimalist have? But honestly I just want to simplify my bedroom because of how chaotic it makes me feel… but discouraged after how much my parents yelled at me about it :'( any tips? 


      Mr. Kate

        Hey Melody!

        Oh no! Sorry about the family drama! If you’ve read my book, you know that I know what you’re talking about haha.

        As far as your room goes — the real key to minimalism is first going through all your stuff and getting rid of the excess so you’re only left with the things you really love and need. For decorating, the low ceiling shouldn’t matter as long as you give yourself a cozy rug, some beautiful bedding, and some accent pieces and art that are in the minimalist style. I’m sure you and your parents will love it!

        Check out our episode of OMG We’re Coming Over with MyLifeAsEva for a good example of a minimalist room, and how we tucked everything away to keep it clean and simple.

        Hope this helps!



      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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