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    Vani Sivasankar

      Hey, Mr. Kate and fellow creative weirdos!

      I am stuck in a unique position. I am a blogger and a programmer and am (finally!) setting up my home office. I have my bedroom which will double as my workplace where I intend to get my work done. The design of the room is in such a way that the only place I can put up my desk is against a wall with a huge window. The placement is good since there are enough ports to support all my gadgets. I got a custom table made for the office setup. The only problem I see is the window. The window opens up to a similar window in the flat opposite to us making the option of keeping the window open near to impossible. With the lack of anchor wall, I find decorating this desk setup really difficult and the setup with the curtains is downright uninspiring.

      Any tips on how I can work upon this and make it the dream desk I always wanted in my life? Any and all tips appreciated.




    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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