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    Another idea: – white feathered curtains as an it piece

    – wall art with feathers (for example painting flamingoes on canvas and hotglue pink feathers on the flamingoe – 3D effect)

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    Wow the wood looks wonderful!!! Even with this touch of sunlight!!!!

    Okay, I think you have so many possibilities! For your furniture I would look for very dark brown coloured or bright (white) pieces (or mixed ?!? ^^), but not too wooden so it does not compete with your floor.

    For the colours… if you add a Colour wheel to your floor you will see that mostly every colour can go with it. So it depends on your favorite colour 🙂 Because the honey colour gives your room a warm feeling I would take a “cool” colour from the palette for your walls! Like some blue (pastell), violet-blue, blue-green, grey, mint … You don´t have to paint all the walls just in that colour you could also work with patterns!

    The cozyness of a bedroom will be reached by adding the accessoires, like pillows, carpets, blankets, baskets and plants 😉

    blue version for inspo ^^

    violett version for inspo ^^

    mint version for inspo ^^

    Hope this is helpful – wishing you fun and power for redecorating your room!

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    Hello Mia – great idea separating spaces on your balcony!!!!!

    Okay, so your colours are white, medium brown and green right now. I would add some pink  or/and yellow, grey, copper 🙂

    if you put some pillows and blankets on the chairs and bench the green maybe doesn´t pop out any more. Or add poufs (creates cozyness) as another possibility to sit on… Perhaps your mom would accept a wooden board in shape of your table, which you can just lay on? Or some nice tablecloth 😉 Guess, by bringing attention to the balkony accessoires the green wouldn´t be so dominant.

    Some ideas for your colour pallette… 🙂

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    Guess a lamp could be a great diy idea for feathers…

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    Hi Phoebe,

    I totally agree with the nice ideas of Spandana. I really like your colors, reminds me to a beach/summer theme! Don´t know if I would add another colour, except from gold/rose gold/silver (something shiny & glittery ^^) because you have a huge selection of blue an pink tones. However your colour ideas are, it looks nice if your main colours show up three differnet times on your decoration accents 🙂

    Just a tipp to add. If you are a little like me – and you love to change your arrangements of decoration through the seasons^^: by keeping the walls in neutral colours you have more possibilities that new color palettes on accessoires will fit in, too. Play with different patterns and materials like ropes, wood, shiny steel and of course plants, pillows, blankets, lamps, frames & carpets to bring in difference 😉 for that boho style maybe you can use these towels (pics for inspo below) maybe hanging on a wall or the ceiling…

    Hope you will get more inspo 🙂

    (@spandana: Love that you say that you learn from Mr. Kates videos, I do it just like that! And for this thank you Kate for taking us with you, while planing and buying all the stuff – helps so much staying creative!!!!! and as you can see, now a lot of us want to help aswell 🙂 )



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    Well, first of all I would think about what makes it look bigger… This can be lights, mirrors and a bright wall paint. As Mr. Kate says: create a mood board, it helps you to find out what colours and materials fit together ;). I would give the wall a new colour maybe a bright mint, but definitely a pastell tone (or white). Be careful with patterns – will make the wall look smaller, I guess. If you fix on some shelves next to the window you can put on lights and decorations that fits together with the rest of the room. (To many decoration will make the room look smaller but too less decoration will do it, either) What about pearl curtains? Just seen on Mr. Kates snapshat, in the nail art studio, could be something different than the usual material. Or use just one curtain in a bright and soft material and gather it up just on the right???

    Just some ideas – hope you will get more inspirations 🙂

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    #WHYNOT put in a Aquarium? Everyone has fire in the fireplace but water?^^ Even if you don´t want to have fishes it looks nice and reassuring by only putting in some water plants and maybe coloured (gold) gravel…

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