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    Thaline Briers

      I’m a cat hair-covered mess!!

      Yup, does it need any explanation? If you have cats, you know the problem.

      Ever looked at a cat and thought ‘wow, they have such beautiful and soft fur.’? I did! But where does these hairs go when they fall out. Well, they go on your clothes, your shoes, your schoolbooks, your phone, your laptop, your mouth (yup…) literally everywhere.

      I can’t wear any black/dark or fancy clothes inside the house without getting cat hairs on in. First of all, I have to postpone my getting-ready to the last minute, then when I am ready, I do a last check-up in front of a mirror and what do I see… I’ve turned into a cat, covered in cat hair. I’m like some sort of magnet to it.
      I’ve got a pair of black velvet boots. I learned that I can’t let my cats near any velvet fabric, if I do, my boots turn into those furry ‘moonboots’.
      How many times I opened a schoolbook in class and discovered cat hairs in it? I lost count. It’s like they do it on purpose, maybe it’s a way of telling me to not forget about them when I’m in school.
      Also inside my phonecase, a little furry bed for my phone, and the keyboard of my laptop has really soft keys because of them.

      But I love my cats and I don’t mind getting covered. I’m more than happy if they sleep in my lap or give me a hairy head-bump.

      So basically I will always have at least one cat hair on me. But hey, cat hairs are the new black.


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      Thaline Briers

        Hello everone!

        First of all, I hope that everybody can check-off all the things on their bucketlists and have an awesome and unforgettable summer.

        Now, I don’t really have a bucketlist but what I am going to do this summer will make this summer the most important one of my life. I’ll be leaving my precious family and friends AND CATS :(, to go live in another country for two whole months.

        As I already told on the Little Misters FB page, I am studying to become a veterinary nurse. As part of my studies I have to do a work placement in an animal hospital. My school gave me the opportunity to have an amazing international experience and do a work placement in another country. So I took this opportunity and chose… LONDON BABY!
        I also had the luck that my boyfriend, who almost finishes his studies, had an amazing job offer in London for the next six months. So he will accompany me and we’ll share a flat, how romantic! 😉
        So while doing my work placement, I’ll have to show everybody what I am worth and hope to also get a job offer. If I don’t, I’ll have to deliver pizzas or scrape dog-poop of the streets of London to earn some money… ;s

        Apart from my ‘work’ there, I’ll hope to do:

        – Read a lot of new books, because I love to read.
        – Drink a lot of Brittish tea, with my pinky up offcourse ;).
        – Do more DIYs.
        – Going to concerts and festivals, if it’s not tóó expensive.
        – Just enjoy the little things that make me happy, everyday.

        So yeah, I hope my summer will be amazing because my future depends on it.

        Good luck everybody with your bucketlist!



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        Thaline Briers

          Hello everyone!

          My name is Thaline, and I’m a 20 year old Little Mister.

          I read Kate’s e-mail about this forum so I thought I give it a look. And wow, I am amazed how everyone is so enthusiast and friendly. I also love how Kate is involved in these conversations. Normally the people I look up to, like celebrities, are so out of reach (if anybody knows what I mean…). So thank you Kate for being awesome!

          For what I’ve already read, I am pretty much like minded.
          I loooove to travel. I’ve been in a lot of European countries but my dream is to travel to the US. Until now I didn’t have to opportunity because of school and money but one day I’ll make it across the big ocean! ;p
          I’m also a crazy cat-lady and I adore cats. I have 2 british shorthair cats who are the world to me and I treat them like they’re my babies.
          Apart from that I also love movies, but I’m more a horror fan. I love watching them at home because in the cinema is too scary. :p

          Can’t wait to participate in conversations with you guys and hear stories from all around the world.



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