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Kate Albrecht

Designer, Co-Founder & CEO

Kate has embraced her creative quirks since she was a kid, owning the title of jane-of-all trades. Growing up in Hollywood, she cultivated her on camera talents as an actress in television and feature films including Entourage, The Princess Diaries, Sex & the City and My Best Friend’s Girl while also getting her degree behind the camera in film production. After training as a metalsmith she launched her own unique, high-quality jewelry line, quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s most trendy jewelry designers as her collections began popping up on A-List celebrities, and featured in top style publications. Kate’s knack for interior design, style and DIY led her to start the Mr. Kate blog to chronicle the creative projects that got her featured on camera on OWN’s Home Made Simple, the Nate Berkus show and NBC’s Today, among others. Most recently, Kate’s book “A Hot Glue Gun Mess” was released via Harper Collins, and Kate was named a Creative Innovator by Conde Nast and an It-Girl by W Magazine.

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Joey Zehr

Co-Founder and COO

The other half of Mr. Kate, Joey brings to the table a unique skill set comprised of digital and traditional media strategy, audience development, celebrity and product development, and a vast knowledge of tactical online strategy.

Prior to running Mr. Kate, Joey owned an online brand development company and was an owner of entertainment production companies Good Day Productions and Yeah Man, Inc. with a record deal with Warner Music’s Atlantic Records for his platinum selling band The Click Five. Joey’s ability to leverage emerging technologies to interact and grow online fan-bases via the internet drove his records to the top of every chart, reaching the position of one of the most downloaded artists on iTunes. Joey is an active member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Joey and Kates’ worlds collided when his band appeared in a feature film that Kate was starring in, and the two formed a fast bond that would become the magical world of Mr. Kate.

Together, Joey and Kate form a unique skill set that loads Mr. Kate with the experience and momentum for success and growth.

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Brad Etter

Director of Video

Brad Etter could be most succinctly described as the love child of Harry Potter and Ke$ha. But, since he is ever-generous with his creativity, as he is with his lyrical descriptions of the things that excite him the most (among them: literature and metaphysical philosophy), it’s only fair to return the favor. Brad is possibly the greatest viral thing to have hailed from Chicago since deep-dish pizza. And while the pizza can expand your waistline, Brad’s more interested in expanding your mind with his sharp sense of humor, even sharper editing skills, and irreplaceable touch as the Director of Video at Mr. Kate. Speaking of sharp – have you seen this guy in a suit and bow tie? #SLAY

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Daisy Gonzalez

Shipping and Office Coordinator

Daisy (alias: Slay-zee) is the master of the merchandise, the keeper of the cute, the empress of the accessories … okay, you get it. She’s the one you get when you email for customer support, and her dedication to making sure everyone exercises their right to rocking some Mr. Kate is almost (allllmost) as fierce as the the outfits she wears, giving a new double meaning to “WORK, GIRL!” Daisy’s other interests include spicy food, driving fast, and spending time with her family. If this sounds like she is the real life version of a Fast & Furious character, that’s because she pretty much is.

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Sofia Draco

Creative Producer

Sofia Draco is the OG Pippi Longstocking. With braids in her hair (or, more accurately, a wide brim hat on her head), and a mischievous twinkle in her eye, Sofia runs free — singing, taking photos, DIY-ing, and bringing creative joy into the lives of those she knows. Famously Swedish, (like Abba, not like the fish), Sofia enjoys marrying the European influences of her upbringing with the laid-back bohemian vibes of her now-home in Santa Monica. She loves baby goats, traveling, entertaining people, and almond croissants. She hates speed bumps and bad drivers … but don’t we all?

Tiro Rose

Video Editor

Kelly Hanelt

Assistant Editor