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    Chisom Arinze

      Hi so i’m in a rut/confusion. I think my tastes are sort of glam but i’m also really getting into boho style. I used to be strictly glam and maybe some contemporary. Which i still like.

      we recently moved and I was really excited to be starting my room redecoration before I headed to school. I thought I would be getting into a school closer to home but I didn’t. So i’ll be going to school about three hours away.

      My plan is to over time slowly order things and have them sent to the house and my mom would just leave them in my room for when i come back to fix/assemble, which she says is okay.

      But how to incorporate glam into boho. i reality like gold finishes/accents. I have a gold canopy bed frame with a tufted white linen headboard which i absolutely adore so I would like to kept that. I was thinking maybe a dark wooden desk/vanity? I see a lot of cute boho videos with that. Kind of what you did in Liza Koshy’s pffice. But i also love the style you did with her outdoor.

      Keeping the bed, what can do with my room? Also my wardrobe has gold and white boards instead of sliding mirrors (it was like that when we got here)

      I’m not as well educated on piecing together different styles and i would still like to keep a gold metal as accents/finishes but i don’t want to overdo it and make he gold obnoxious because with gold accents it’s really easy to do



        I think you have a good idea in your head with the gold accents and dark wood. Maybe keep the the walls a subtle colour and have a few dark wood accents around the room. Dark vanity, side tables and ceiling light maybe. Add a few gold accents around the room but not too much because your bed sounds like it will make a big gold statement. Maybe get a gold full length mirror and add gold handles to drawers but leave it at that so its not overkill. Then i would say get a patterned colourful boho rug to add an accent to the room and pick some colours you like that are in the rug and use those colours to add some accents around the room like with ornaments, light shades, a desk chair etc. Hope this helps:)


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        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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