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Mr. Kate

    I know Father’s Day is a tough one for DIYs! I always think something that involves photos of you two together or family items that can be displayed in an office or on a bedside table or something is good. The putting green is a really cute idea! What if you made like a putting green set of coasters or something? Like little bits of faux turf on round coasters? Or you could do the wood transfer technique we did in this post: with photos in color of famous golf locations or something cute.

    Or some kind of handwritten quote in a frame that says, “kick putt dad!” He could put it on his wall and it’s funny and handmade.

    We have a DIY embroidered tie coming out this week which is cool and minimalist. I’ll update with the link when it comes out!

    Let us know what you do!!! Can’t wait to see and YAY for posting on the forums! Thanks so much for sharing Sarah!