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Mr. Kate

    Hey Rachel!

    I’m so happy you like OMG We’re Coming Over!! It’s so much fun to film, I’m glad it inspires people like you!

    Those walls are such a unique green, the great thing is that no matter what complementary colors you choose, your room will look so cool!

    I like the vibes of the color palette you’ve talked about. Kind of like a combination of this and this, right? So cute! I would also recommending adding in a neutral or metallic into the mix to tie everything together. A cream or silver could be really cute!

    As far as DIY wall art ideas, I have plenty!! This DIY Large Scale Instagram Art brings such a personal touch to the room, because it’s highlighting your own photography! This DIY String Art is also really fun, and the one we did is almost exactly in your color scheme already! These DIY Wall Storage Pockets are also great because they’re decor that doubles as organization! Who doesn’t love that?

    I hope this helps!! Have fun decorating!