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Mr. Kate

    Hey Lauren!!

    Not a silly question at all!! Here are the steps I go through with a client to help design their space:

    1. Pinterest board!! I always recommend that they make a Pinterest board for the space so they can become acquainted with what kind of style or design or different elements they might want for the space.
    2. Choose 3-5 pictures to send me. This is a good amount to be able to draw the similarities from the photos, but not too many so it’s an overload of ideas. If there is a photo that is an outlier in style or aesthetic, I always ask why they chose that one. It could be a specific piece, which is also great information to have!
    3. I talk to the client about how they use the room. So many people have all these amazing ideas for a space, but forget that the number one thing a room has to be is functional! You live in it!! It must address your needs first. In discussing those needs, you can also find ideas for furniture, decor, or style ideas!
    4. Lastly, I visit the space. A lot of the designing and brainstorming process is so digital and theoretical, but it’s important to see and walk around and be in the space so you can understand how everything will flow and work together!

    I hope this helps!!