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Mr. Kate

    Hey Emily!!

    Thanks for posting!! I’m not too well-versed in medical bracelets, but I have seen some designs that definitely blend functionality and fashion, like the Lauren’s Hope bracelets (so cute!)  I would opt for a style that is a little more classic, so that it goes with many different outfit styles but never looks out of place.

    Wearing this bracelet all the time definitely gives you great incentive and opportunity to have amazing arm candy game. Some of the coolest girls I knew growing up always had stacks of bracelets on their wrists. Layering is the key to a great bracelet look! Think like Kathy Rose of Roseark (inspo pics here and here), or maybe add in a watch too for an always classy ensemble (inspo pics here and here)! This way, you can always bring in elements that resemble your personality and have the best reason to treat yourself to a bracelet now and then!

    I hope these tips and inspiration help!!