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Mr. Kate

    Hi Angelina!!

    Thanks for the photos! Those were super helpful in getting some inspiration and ideas in your room!

    I would say the first thing you can do to get that relaxing, bohemian vibe is to paint your walls white or a super light color. Maybe a pale grey with white tribal patterns or decals?!

    A great way to get some storage is to convert an entire wall into a storage system!! If you check out the custom closet we did for Patrick Starrr, you can get inspired (or maybe even use the Pax system for your own room! It’s totally customizable!) These closets come with or without doors so you can choose that finish, as well.


    (Source: You see how the wall on the side of the bed is actually a closed closet and drawers?

    (Source: I love this mirrored finish on the closet doors! So chic!

    Have you seen the basket canopy project in A Hot Glue Gun Mess? I think that bohemian, yet DIY-ed look could be cute for your room, especially considering your inspo pics!! Also the sand paper art!!

    Speaking of baskets, they are a great bohemian option for storage as well. The idea is to give everything a place that isn’t out in the open!!

    I hope this helps!!