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Mr. Kate


    Thanks for posting!! Looks like a great start in your living room!

    I notice that your dining room chairs are a deeper purple color, so those would be great to upcycle to get them more in line with the neutral color scheme you like! You can try painting the fabric, like we did in this episode of Breaking Beige! It was so much fun and totally reinvented the pieces to fit our design. Then finish off that dining area by adding a pretty centerpiece on the table like a long planter with succulents for some greenery.

    Try to find slip covers for the couch and chairs, they make a lot that stretch to fit furniture of all shapes and sizes!! Surefit is a good brand and is sold on Overstock.

    You have that nice light carpet, but a bigger area rug would really anchor the big furniture perfectly. Maybe something in a grey tone? I’m loving this one.

    Keep going with that gallery wall idea, and build more frames around the tv on that wall! You can check out my tutorial on gallery walls for some inspiration! Then, maybe add decals or do a mural or wallpaper on that low wall around the two doors. So much potential in that wall space!

    I hope this helps!