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Mr. Kate

    Hi Dania!

    Thanks for posting!

    The screenshot cuts off some of the text, but am I right that you’re looking to bring some color into your room with some artwork on the walls?

    We have lots of wall art DIYs that could bring a lot of color into your space! The first thing that comes to mind is the DIY String Art Mural that I did in Katie and Tom’s place — since it’s all lines, it’s very clean and simple, but could be a cute unexpected take on wall art for your room!

    For more traditional wall art, the Paper Cut Out Wall Art that I did in Patrick Starrr’s room makeover is a really fun way to get a lot of color into your decor! Mix that with a DIY Framed String Art for some texture and your space will be looking colorful and cute in no time!

    Hope this helps! Have fun!