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Mr. Kate

    Hey Luise!!

    Congrats on your place!! Your bedspread is really cool, and it seems like you have a really cute space!

    From the pictures, it seems like just a few tiny touches could make the biggest difference! I would start by hanging that mirror that you currently have propped up against the wall. Painting that one wall as an accent could be a nice touch, too (if you are able to paint in your space!)

    As far as the wall with the chair, I would get a side table to sit next to the chair and then top it with a pretty plant or two! Plants always make a space look and feel more lived in and even if your room doesn’t get a lot of sunlight there are plenty of greens that grow best in shade! A side table with a snake plant or pothos plant (if you like the draping look) could fill that emptiness in perfectly!

    Hope this helps! Have fun decorating!


    Mr. Kate and Team