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Mr. Kate

    Hi Amna,

    Thanks for posting! The open concept space you’re describing can be really awesome and fun to design, and while I understand the desire to make it cohesive, keep in mind that these are still two different rooms! They can coordinate without one room feeling like an extension of the other. I decorated this type of space for both Cloe’s and Jessie’s places, and intentionally gave the different rooms slightly different vibes so they could stand on their own.

    That being said, let’s focus on your rooms! If you can’t change the wood tone, think about what you can change. If they’re not already, I would make sure all the walls in the two rooms are painted the same color. Then, find accent colors and touches that you can carry throughout. A rug in one room that matches some curtains in the other. If you like the elegant and sophisticated look, think about metallics. A gold, brass, or silver accent color could really tie the rooms together, and should be a key feature for that upscaled look.

    Let me know if you have any more questions about your rooms! Uploading pics of the rooms or inspiration images would help with more specific ideas!


    Mr. Kate & Team