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Mr. Kate

    Hi Arielle!!

    Thanks for posting! Much love to you in Jamaica!!

    That room model is great! You did an awesome job, it’s really helpful for visualizing your space! As far as giving it a cohesive, serene look, I would start by trying to establish a color palette. White always comes to mind both as a good starting point, but also a calm and relaxing color to feature. If it’s possible to paint any of your furniture white (here’s a tutorial on repainting furniture, if it helps!), I would recommend that to get those pieces to look more cohesive. Adding a rug over your brown carpeting will be nice to cover that color up!

    I also think that the smaller walls you have at either end of the room could be cool for a statement wall like the Makeup Brush Polka Dot wall from Tati’s Beauty Room, or if you’re looking for something a little more subtle, the DIY Stencil Wall from Andrea’s Bedroom!!

    Hope this helps! Good luck decorating! Let me know if you have any more questions!


    Mr. Kate & Team