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Mr. Kate

    Hey James!

    Thank you for posting!! There is definitely such a thing as colorful minimalist, so you’re already onto your style there! Before you get rid of your wardrobes, is it possible to spruce them up with a new paint job? Storage is essential to an organized and well-designed room and new wardrobes could be a big purchase! Something to consider before you toss out the old ones! I have a few DIY tutorials on repainting old furniture to make it new and cute!

    If you do opt to get rid of the wardrobes but need to fill the space, think about setting up a conversation area against that wall. Andrea’s bedroom is a great example of how two lounge chairs on either side of a little table can make a chic, inviting addition to the bedroom. Eva’s room also has its own version of this, with her bench! You can easily DIY or purchase a bench to go along that wall if that is more your vibe!

    Past that, I would spend some time on Pinterest, gathering images of rooms that inspire you. You’ll be able to find more precise ideas and directions from those images! Feel free to post some or pictures of your actual room for more advice!

    Best of luck! Have fun!


    Mr. Kate & Team