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Mr. Kate


    Thanks for posting! Your room looks incredible! I agree that the TV seems out of place with the rest of the room. Would it be possible to mount it on a wall? That way, you can do away with the much more modern and dark piece that it is on, which is so contrasting with the vintage, pastel style of the rest of the room. Putting a frame around the mounted TV could be a really cool touch that would help marry it to the room’s aesthetic!

    If not, I would look for a similarly sized TV stand, except in a vintage style that will blend in with the rest of the room. A TV itself will already seem slightly out of place in such an ornate and elegant room, so try to call as little attention as possible to it in the design, and integrate it with a piece of furniture that matches the style of everything else!

    Hope this helps! Good luck finishing your room!


    Mr. Kate & Team