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Mr. Kate

    Hi Holly!!

    Thanks so much for posting! I’m so glad that you’ve found inspiration in our videos!

    I wouldn’t recommend getting a double bed just for design purposes, but if it is what is best for you functionally and to fit with your lifestyle and needs then definitely go for it!

    In rooms where the bed takes up a lot of floor space, it is important to be very strategic with storage and furniture so things don’t get too cluttered. If you don’t already have shelves on the wall, installing some and using those instead of a side table or bookshelf could be nice to open up a little more space.

    Speaking of shelves, you could definitely do a really cool hanging shelf off of the sloped wall! I have a tutorial for stacked hanging shelves here, and you could tailor it to have as many or as few shelves as you need! That would fit in with the Pinterest boho vibe you’re describing and could be a cool way to integrate the unique feature of the ceiling into your room!

    Hope this helps! Have fun decorating!

    Mr. Kate & Team